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Top 17 Things We Have Done

1. Filed Lawsuit and Stopped a $250 Million Dollar Marina from Destroying Endangered Crayfish & Habitat  click for more....

2. The video that was produced in 1996 of the 700 Mile Swim was viewed by the Gov of Ky and a Congressman this in turn got laws passed in southeastern Kentucky Concerning Sewer Overflows  click for more....

3. Discovered Eastern Most Colony of Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea) in Tennessee.   click for more....

4. Testified In Federal Court and Stopped the Gaylord Entertainment River Taxis from Causing River Erosion. click for more....

5. Stood Out as a Lonewolf Against a Man-Made Facility and Bridge at Mound Bottom. Convinced Senator Rosalind Karita Against Development. Nov. 1998   click for more....

6. Received Earth Day Award in 1997 From Kentucky Governor Paul Patton for Bringing Environmental Awareness to The Cumberland River Watershed. Apr. 1997  click for more....

7. Granted A Low Power FM Radio License. Aug. 2002   click for more....

8. Responsible For Getting an Old Nashville Dump Site Classified as a Superfund Site. Dec. 1999  click for more....

9. Discovered Eastern Woodrat in Cave, not found in Tennessee.  June 1996   click for more....

10. Purchased 80' Research Vessel, Eastern Surveyor. click for more....

11. Asked To Serve on Board of Ancient Sites Conservancy. 2004 click for more....

12. Stopped Some Illegal Dumping in Cheatham County By Testifying in Court as Witness for State of Tennessee. Oct. 2008. click for more....

13. Audubon Magazine Published a Story about Save The Cumberland. July 1997     click for more....

14. Inside Edition Did a Story About Save The Cumberland. June 1996  click for more....

15. Reported Chemical Spill at the Old Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company. 1997 click for more....

16. Help discover the first Freshwater sponge on the Cumberland River. 2014

17. Started the first taxonomic data collection on the Cumberland River...Cousteau/Muir Project on the Cumberland. 2013






July 22, 2014- Discovered the first freshwater sponge on the Cumberland River

April 22, 2014- Joined the Travelers on the Cumberland lecture series, Cumberland Compact.


December 19, 2013- Participated in Sierra Club Coal Protest Riverfront Nashville Tn.


February 18, 2012- Participated in cleaning early Woodland Site (Native American) Franklin Tn.

February 2012- As of this month we have filed over 200 reports for littering, specifically for cigarettes being thrown out window of moving vehicles. Go here to report>>> Littering

February 13, 2012- Filed for renewal for radio station license, WENV 97.3


November 11, 2011- Purchased research vessel, R/V Eastern Surveyor.


May 2, 2010-The Flood of 2010 sealed the deal for Cumberland Yacht Harbor. I guess it saved them over $300 million dollars. We filed the "intent to sue" and held them off since 2003. The Nashville Crayfish won!!!!


August 29, 2009- Turned in 11 litter reports to TDEC and Davidson Co. Metro including one to TWRA

August 14, 2009- In conjunction with Richland Creek Watershed Alliance installed revetment along Richland Creek close to where it intersects with Charlotte Pike.


April 14, 2009- Attended SB 1404 Bottle Bill Legislation Rm. 12 Legislative Plaza in support of Bottle Bill SB 1404

April 12, 2009- Appealed TDEC decision to grant CYH an ARAP clean water permit 401. In protection of the Nashville Crayfish


December 9, 2008- Testified at Public hearing held by Tennessee Division of Environment and Conservation opposing an ARAP permit being reissued to Cumberland Yacht Harbor.

October 30, 2008- Testified in court for the State of Tennessee against Civil Trucking/Biggs for illegal dumping on top of a spring and lack of permits in Cheatham Co. Ashland City Tn.

February 2008- Article comes out about Nashville Crayfish and Cumberland Yacht Harbor in the Tennessee Chapter of The Sierra Club TENNES-SIERRAN,  page 3  http://www.tennessee.sierraclub.org/0208ts.pdf


September 2006- Photographed and reported Green Tree Frog along Cumberland River


December 8, 2005- Help with the formation of Old Hickory Watershed group.

August 2005- Discovered Green Tree Frog along Cumberland River.

April 22, 2005- Participated and spoke at Tennessee Tech University's (Cookeville) Earth Day celebration.


2004- Voted into Board of Ancient Sites Conservancy


October 23, 2003- Spoke at Public Hearing against issuing a 401 Water Quality permit for a proposed marina (Cumberland Yacht Harbor) on Mill Creek.

October 2003- Helped with the formation of Donelson Hills Neighbors.

August 2003- Found cave on Mill Creek with Nashville Crayfish (Orconectes shoupi) habitat. Made film ("Against a Community") about what will be destroyed when Cumberland Yacht Harbor is built on 43 acres of Mill Creek.

August 2003- Discovered eastern most colony Green Tree Frog, Hyla Cinerea.


August 26, 2002- Low Power FM permit issued by FCC to Save The Cumberland WSTC 97.3 Gladdice, Tennessee.


January 2001- Participated in a 2 year sediment study put on by HRWA and directed by Dr. Dave Wilson.


November 2000- Participated with Corps of Engineers, Ashland City Boy Scout Troop, and Laura Turner in building a water diverter in Ashland City so that it preserved beaver habitat and at the same time prevented flooding.

October 2000- Wrote letters complaining about the high numbers of cleft deformities in Dickson Tennessee. Lawsuit launched against Scovill/Shrader

October 2000- Complained to the state of Tennessee against silting Turnbull Creek with runoff from I-840. Contractor fined.

July 22, 2000- Wrote to the state of Tennessee to fine the city of Franklin for dumping 90,000 gallons of raw human sewage into the Harpeth River. City fined $98,000

May 23, 2000- STC fought against building Harpeth Valley Utility on the banks of the Cumberland River in the Scottsboro community. Utility was built before a permit was issued.

April 22, 2000- Traveled to Washington DC for Earth Day event.



December 1999- STC was responsible for getting a federal superfund site in Bordeaux Tn. capped so that it's toxins would not continue to flow into the Cumberland River. Nick Beres did story for Ch. 5

April 1999- Traveled to Burksville Kentucky courthouse to attend a meeting about organizing against Cagle, a large chicken processing plant(Contained Animal Feeding Operation; CAFO).

June 1999- Met with EPA officials on the banks of Richland Creek after calling the Atlanta office to report barrels of Toluene being dumped. EPA ruled not enough Toluene. The next day all barrels sent down the Cumberland in flood.

March 1999- Protest and spoke against at public hearing in Hendersonville Tn. about the city tearing down the "Halfway House" circa 1801, located on Mansker Creek. House mysteriously burned to ground.

February 22, 1999- Attending meetings at Legislative Plaza in Nashville Tn. for passing a bill that would put a halt the chip mill industry.

January 1999- Help form "Save Cockrill Bend".



December 1998- Spoke at public hearing against The Water Pollution Control issuing Lynwood subdivision a increase in sewage discharge. State issued permit from 200,000 gal. to 400,000 gal.

December 1998-Supported BURNT against the Thermal Plant in Nashville Tn.

November 1998- Had meetings with Sen. Rosalind Kurita against building a bridge across the Harpeth River at Mound Bottom so that people could walk on the ancient mounds. Meetings held in Kingston Springs. Not built.

March 12, 1998- Video taped a Pegram man beating his dog with the butt of a gun and hitting the dog over 30 times.


1997- Testified in federal court (Judge Robert Echols), Eakes vs Gaylord Entertainment that the river taxis also were causing the erosion to the banks of the Cumberland River at Eakes property. Taxis not found to cause the erosion. Gaylord sues Eakes.

September 29, 1997- Protested against removing graves from the library site in Brentwood Tennessee. Library built, graves removed.

August 2, 1997- Protested (Warriors of the Rainbow") Wal-mart, Lowes, JDN from building on the Cumberland River and digging up 180 Native American graves. Councilman for that district Eric Crafton voted out in next election because of our efforts with organizing the neighborhood association.Wal-mart and Lowes built JDN goes bankrupt.

August 1997- Published "Warriors of the Rainbow" a film depicting "Turtle Valley" and the pending destruction of 180 Native American graves.

July/August 1997- Audubon magazine did story for their July/August issue pg. 103 "Making a Difference" about Save The Cumberland.July 9, 1997- Protested the destruction of a 300 year old oak tree called "Bellevue Oak" at Wynchase condominiums in Bellevue Tn. Some trees were left standing because of the protest.

April 1997-Awarded "Earth Day Award"  from Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton, for video made exposing illegal dumps and sewage.

April 1997- Made trip down Harpeth River with Mike Walton (120 mile) thus forming Harpeth River Watershed.

March 1997- Reported oil slick 5 miles long on Cumberland River to Water Pollution Control. No action.

January 1997- STC was asked to speak at the Sierra Clubs Activist Weekend on Lake Cumberland in Ibez Kentucky.


December 24, 1996- Reported to Tennessee Water Pollution Control dumping of alum into the Cumberland River by Ford Motor Company Glass Plant. No action by state.

December 1996- Published "Save The Cumberland" a video showing the first 125 miles of the what Vic Scoggin witnessed on his swim down the Cumberland.

November 1996- STC was asked to speak about the Cumberland River for the Kentucky Environmental Commission, at Cumberland Falls.

September 10, 1996- Sailed the "Maiden Voyage" downtown Nashville Tn. with banner protesting 500,000 gallons of raw sewage being dumped in the Cumberland River by the city.

July 1996- The Cumberland Compact formed from info about Vic Scoggin's 696 mile swim.

July 4, 1996- Finished a fact finding 696 mile swim down the Cumberland River to bring awareness to the Cumberland River Watershed.

June 1996- Inside Edition did program on Save The Cumberland, American Rivers voted The Cumberland River in their top 20 worst rivers.

May 1996- Exposed straight pipe sewage on the upper Cumberland. Congressman Hal Rogers passed legislation to stop this activity. Legislation was passed.

May 1996- Formed 501c3 Organization Save The Cumberland Inc.

Other Dates Unknown

Protested against Walgreens tearing  down the "Jacksonian" a 1940's historic apartment complex, located at West End. Walgreens won.

Protest and spoke out against the city of Nashville tearing down the "one of a kind" historic L&N RR single span shed. Torn down.

Protested and lobbied against Westhaven development in Franklin Tn. Developing

Protested and lobbied against a development "Greenfield" in Fernvale Tn. not Developed

Protested against Dover Downs Nashville Superspeedway.


Contact us at savethecumberland@comcast.net