Philip Holsinger reports aboard R/V Eastern Surveyor to photograph a story of the Cumberland River. http://flipholsinger.com/


March 3, 2017- Oil and oil dry in Pages Branch, Davidson Co. Tn.- News article on WSMV clip 13148865. State of Tennessee issues violation to disposal company near creek.



Save The Cumberland's 20 year reunion celebrated at the Blue Moon Waterfront Grille. Our first fundraiser; Save The Cumberland River Party

and Save The Fish-ing Tournament. Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers performed.






July 22- Discovered the first freshwater sponge on the Cumberland River.




5-2-13 Spoke at University of Nashville 2nd grade classes.

5-7-13 visited Montgomery Bell Academy

5-14-2013- Lipscomb University visits R/V Eastern Surveyor.

5-30-2013- Harding Academy visit R/V Eastern Surveyor







April 6- Go and take the survey for the Antioch Plan on Metro Nashville's site... Mention the concern for the Nashville Crayfish and the Mill Creek Watershed. One of the most important

watersheds in the state.

March 21- The Tennessee State Dept of Water Pollution Control called STC to inform that they investigated the oil spill in Lake McKellar. The culprit was

Cal Western. The representative from TDWPC said the Coast Guard looked into the situation and they decided to require the company to clean the oil up. They

found another large spill up at the RR yard. The will also have to build a containment around the operations. Not sure if they were fined. More info to come.

March 17- 4 to 5 million bottles, cans and other man made debris was observed in one area of McKeller Lake, backwater of the Mississippi River. STC

reported garbage discharge to authorities but was turned down on report. STC also reported oil spill at 35 04 42.84N / 90 05 06.33W. This spill was

reported to EPA, National Response Center (report# 1006007), US Coast Guard MSO Memphis, and Shelby Co. Emergency Management. No official response made except

from EPA http://www.epa.gov/ . STC did flag down a Coast Guard Patrol Craft and reported the spill. They actually followed STC to site and witnessed

the oil in water.






                            Oil spill that appeared to be an ongoing situation was reported by Save The Cumberland March 17, 2012



                                                          Bottles and cans on McKeller Lake, backwater of Mississippi River March 17, 2012





Mar 6- Nashville Metro Council voted 22 yes-15 no with 4 absent to change zoning for an asphalt plant to be built on the banks of Mill

 Creek and in a residential neighborhood. Go to urgent to see pictures of existing asphalt plant, and the proposed site. The attorney for

asphalt plant is environment public enemy #1. The councilman for District 28 is public environment enemy #2, and District 15 council member is public

environment enemy #3.  Councilman Bo Mitchell spoke against the rezoning as did Councilman Anthony Davis and Councilman Jerry Maynard.

Feb 2012- Tennessean article about Westhaven Native American Woodland mounds




October 2011- The developer of Harpeth Shoals Marina jailed in Cheatham Co.

October 22, 2011- Shoals Landing broke ground this week. Rock and soil was bulldozed into the Cumberland River. Only about a hundred feet

 of silt fence was installed on approximately a half mile of Cumberland river frontage.

August 17, 2011- The old Ford Glass Plant owned by Carlex has begun to chip all trees and vegetation on a 15 acre site that was contamination

years ago by the cut and grind operation. Gravel is being put down to cover the site.

July 27, 2011- Mack Prichard gives historic slide show lecture on Tennessee Archaeology at Bells Bend Nature Center.

April 2011- TDEC detects low level of radiation in Tennessee



May 2- Vic Scoggin read environmental story to 2nd grade class at Grassland Elementary School. Volunteered for "Keep Williamson County Beautiful."

April 2, 2001- STC attended Tennessee Environmental Council "Green Tie Affair"



May 2, 2010- The "Flood of 2010" flushed everything downstream. The hopes and dreams of many people and some lives, were sadly lost. The Marina that was suppose to be built on Mill Creek in Davidson Co. would have been washed downstream if it wasn't for the efforts to stop its development by Save The Cumberland Inc....No thanks given for saving $350 million dollars for the developers.

Mar. 2010- Some Nashville Crayfish were found dead while dredging a business park pond. The pond has acted as a catch all for the Nashville Airport, but the downstream side of the pond is worse. Nothing was found alive in Sims Branch. It was the worse polluted creek I have found in Tennessee to date. How it got this bad is a mystery to me. You would think since this drains the airport property the state of even the federal government would be checking. This is a perfect example of the for guarding the hen house. There is more to the story that is not being told.......Tennessean article 20100317




Nov 20, 2009- Gibson Guitar in Nashville is being investigated for possibly using endangered exotic wood for their guitars. The Chairman and CEO (Henry Juszkiewicz) sits on the board of the Rainforest Alliance has stepped down during the investigation.

 Oct. 29, 2009- A special enrollment for farmers and landowners in Tennessee to benefit the Bobwhite Quail is being put into place.

Oct. 28, 2009- The Metro Nashville Historical Commission voted to let the Hard Rock Cafe continue to destroy the 1888 structure. The Hard Rock had already cut large holes in the side of the structure facing Broadway. Their intention is to build an outdoor patio. The problem was they didn't get a permit to do so and said that the brick on that wall was not original.

Oct. 2009- Homeowners Jimmy and Sally Bradshaw of Oak Hill a Nashville Tn suburb has brought a lawsuit against First Presbyterian Church as a result in flooding of the homeowners property. The church has hired Tom White a well known attorney that most developers hire to get their way. The Bradshaws say over 10 years some permits were not secured. The suit says that the church filled in some wetlands. A solution to the problem would be that the church buy the Bradshaw's property, but Mr. White calls it a over reaching demand. This problem is common among developers not really giving a damn about what their project damages.

September 11, 2009- Somebody reported a milky discharge in Richland Creek to TDEC, a week later Reostone was still discharging into the creek. Go here for more info >>> WSMV news article 20685107  A full report should be demanded by the public. Surely the company knew what was going on??? They save a lot of money by not fixing the problem, cause guess what??? If they shut off the discharge to fix the problem it would back up and cause them to shut down and they would loose money. So the environment suffers. Common problem all the way up and down the river. Just so happens somebody saw this. Most of the discharges are injected underwater and chemical put into the discharge to cover up the discoloration.

July 14- go toTwitter to find out more  news and information. www.twitter.com and type in orconectes shoupi

July- Maytown gets dumped. Finally a developer and an egotistic landowner doesn't get their way. It will be interesting to see if TSU still gets the land that was promised to them.

April 17- Historic sturgeon released into the Cumberland River at Shelby Park boat ramp, Nashville Tn.  

January- TVA coal plant in Kingston Tn. had a coal sludge pit rupture. It covered 300 acres and destroyed water quality in the river.


December 18, 2008- TVA Coal Fired Power Plant to burn paint chips from Bowling Green Corvette Plant. They say this is better than putting it in a landfill. Another alternative is to recover this and put it back into the mix.

October 6, 2008- Missing water sample reports along the Harpeth River up around Liberty Creek. That figures. This concerning the Chemical leakage from Egyptian Laquer. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean wants to use the Nashville Bridge Building for a school.

September 30- Metro Nashville vs Civil Trucking/Biggs....rescheduled to Oct. 30, 2008



June 19- City Council Cumberland River swim.  http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:HL9rhf-Alx0J:www.nashvilleledger.com/archive/Westview.Pdf%3FIssueId%3D230+vic+scoggin&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgKp5BXJIEGwu4I-QB-9fVNVMYo1zU-Ont7vgIOcqxsLlyXQgcoy3PmbwyAmFzmFUsdfH0__Nyfpy8zXT3ZoaDvVkKVzSCQDEKPAxA2C96aHIpmtsCcL_fOCjAFJMzcnwVgv7jP&sig=AHIEtbRpVb8MndcOFSUBVz0dhRH01hozew






May 8, 2000- http://weeklywire.com/ww/05-08-00/nash_cover.html   Nashville Scene article about how the Cumberland River started the Nashville Environmental Movement.