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Call 615-429-5351 to report developments that are destructive or send email savethecumberland@comcast.net Thanks!!

If you're planning on destroying a piece of property start here>>>> https://www.tn.gov/environment.html

3-12-18 The mayor resigned amid felony theft charges of taxpayer money and now the city is faced with the largest expenditure in the history of the city. MTA lost $69 million dollars last year and they want to spend $9 billion to run a subway around the city. If they can't make money on the bus system why do they think they can on this? Vote NO.

ALERT>>>>01-23-15- The development in Hillsboro Village is the worse looking historic "blend in" I've seen in a long time. Usually when older buildings are torn down the replacements are built to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. This is proof either the developer doesn't care or the neighborhood doesn't care, or both. This building looks like something over on West End around Baptist Hospital, much like a doctors building.


Jan 2012- I smell a rat.


October 23, 2011- It looks like a large tract of land alon the Cumberland River in Cheatham Co. is being bulldozed and out of about half a mile of river frontage only 100 ft of silt fence was put up. Large rocks and lots of soil have been pushed into the river.

  a closer look >  

No silt fence...a better alternative EELs






August 2011- The old Ford Glass Plant owned by Carlex has begun to chip all trees and vegetation on a 15 acre site that was contamination

years ago by the cut and grind operation. Limestone gravel is being put down to cover the site.


Ford Glass Plant, Centennial Blvd. Nashville Tn. Over 4000 trees were bulldozed down.



Oct. 2009- Homeowners Jimmy and Sally Bradshaw of Oak Hill a Nashville Tn suburb has brought a lawsuit against First Presbyterian Church as a result in flooding of the homeowners property. The church has hired Tom White a well known attorney that most developers hire to get their way. The Bradshaws' say over 10 years some permits were not secured. The suit says that the church filled in some wetlands. A solution to the problem would be that the church buy the Bradshaw's property, but Mr. White calls it "a over reaching demand." This problem is common among developers not really giving a damn about what their project damages.

Sept 16, 2009- It rained today in Mt. Juliet and probably most everywhere else in Middle Tennessee. Here is what causes siltation in our creeks and rivers. There is no doubt anybody reported this, they probably wouldn't listen down at city hall anyway. Providence as defined in Webster's Dictionary: divine guidance or care.

This is a development at Providence in Mt. Juliet Tn. No barriers installed. On Sept. 16 all this silt entered the water we drink. We filter it out at a huge expense. Fish can't breathe silt.


Sept. 2009- Metro Nashville is proposing and probably will build another convention center. Most of the property and buildings will be trashed south of Broadway behind the Sommet Center. It doesn't look like anybody is going to get a fair price for their land. 

Sept. 26, 2009- A development is on hold and the land is eroding away on McCrory Ln. between I-40 and Hwy. 70



December 12, 2008- The Metro Nashville Planning Commission has repeatedly gone against it mission statement. This is the mission statement of the Planning Commission:

The Planning Commission guides growth and development as Nashville and Davidson County evolve into a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community, with a commitment to preservation of important assets, efficient use of public infrastructure, distinctive and diverse neighborhood character, free and open civic life, and choices in housing and transportation.                                             http://www.nashville.gov/mpc/

October 2008- A building being built on 2nd Ave South in Nashville. These developers hired Civil Trucking to discard the dirt that came out of the hole they dug. Undoubtedly they didn't check on where the dirt was going. Maybe they didn't care. The city of Nashville is suing Civil and the family that owns the property for dumping in Cheatham Co. on top of a spring that feeds little Marrowbone Creek. Really the developer should be ultimately responsible.



                                                                                  This tree was bulldozed down to build Wyndchase Condos. Bellevue Tn. "They said it was dead" Wrong!!

                                                                                                            When the developer found out I was going to camp out in the tree it was bulldozed that night.

Please let your voice be heard concerning the environment:



December 2005- Get ready for the McCroy Lane area to change. An old Metro councilman has sold a large tract of land called Biltmore (Buildmore). What a legacy!!! Photos to follow.

December 5, 2005- These pictures were taken today of the Harpeth Shoals Marina project. The project is awaiting approval by the Corps of Engineers to alter Marks Creek. The marina developers are going to bulldoze through Marks Creek to allow the Cumberland River to fill the harbor.  It will forever change the eco-system of Marks Creek and the wetlands in the area. 

harpethshoalspanorama12-05small.jpg (28059 bytes)

The cut will be made about where the sag in the mountains occur, to the right of the photo.


December 5, 2005- Riverfront Re-Development public meeting was held at 1419 8th Ave. N. From what was witnessed it looks like it might benefit downtown Nashville to make it more eco-friendly. Instead of more concrete there will be more enhancing of what we already have. Hopefully the leaders of this project will take all into account what the people wanted in the meeting. We'll have to wait and see.

December 4, 2005- This is what progress have been made in destroying wildlife habitat on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville. This was the old Gainer homeplace. You know "Gainer" as in Gainer in the Sunquist administration. This property was zoned to developed despite neighbors protest.

gainerhomesite12-2005.JPG (29190 bytes)

November 2005- Bells Bend is again being looked at to be destroyed of it's beauty and natural surrounding. Jeff Zeitlin is proposing a 2000 home development here.


October 19, 2005- Evergreen Place the second oldest home in Davidson Co. was torn down recently. Location in Inglewood, at the corner of Gallatin Rd. and Briley Parkway. A proposed Home Depot wants to locate here. Highly contested spot. Rezoning was turned down by the Planning Commission. Will be in front of Metro Council in January 2006.

Now just a fond memory, historic Evergreen Place had colorful past. Wed. 10/19/05 The Tennesseean

EvergreenPlace10-2005-2.JPG (143836 bytes)

Regular order of business in Nashville Tennessee. Evergreen Place

stopworkorderEvergreenPlace10-2005-2.JPG (75095 bytes)




October 2005- Hickory Hill located on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville is gone. Bulldozers are hard at work killing all the ancient trees that are left from this old homeplace. A huge shopping center will replace this beautiful landmark.

HickoryHillLane10-05-2.JPG (105141 bytes)Hickory Hill Lane

hickoryhill.JPG (80251 bytes)Trees destroyed!

bulldozer.JPG (83870 bytes)

Weapons of Mass Destruction!!!




wpe1.jpg (37186 bytes)

A continuing development in Centenary Tennessee, in Davidson Co. The community fought it but was approved anyway by the Planning Commission and the Metro Council.

wpe4.jpg (27904 bytes)

This huge gravel pile replaced an old house and undoubtedly is part of Metro Nashville's sub-area plan. This is between the top picture and the bottom on Old Charlotte Pike, in West Nashville.

wpe2.jpg (27011 bytes)

This is what the Metro Council has planned for West Nashville. This development took out a whole hillside out, and is just up the road from the Centenary development and the gravel pile in the pictures above.


March- 87 condo complex development near Vaughn's Gap by Jeff Zeitlin

March- 564 acre development  south of I-40 between McCrory Ln and Coley Davis Rd. by Nick Psillas

March- Sub-divide about 10 acres into 26 lots west side of Whites Creek Pike south of Knight Dr.

March- 12.66 acres with 12 lots being planned by Chris Farrin near Radnor Lake.

March- 45 acre development proposed by Mike Campbell real close to Radnor Lake

Feb. 21, 2005- Harpeth Valley Utility buys 57 acres on River Road for $350,000

Feb. 19, 2005- A 101 acre development is planned by Robin York west of Old Hickory Country Club near the city of Lakewood. This calls for 62 lots between Hurst and Waterford Dr.

Jan. 19, 2005- Metro Nashville Council approves Wal-Mart Superstore despite community protest. New Wal-mart that is proposed is less than a mile from the old one. Parker Toler is the councilman for the district goes against constituents.

Feb. 16, 2005- Craig Co. and Celebration Homes  are planning a 129 single family subdivision on Eatons Creek Rd. near Kings Lane. Metro Planning will decide yes or no on Mar. 10 at 4pm at Howard School. call 862-7190 to confirm date. The developer has chosen a cluster lot option that allows more homes on smaller lots. This development is being protested by the Community of Bordeaux, a neighborhood group.

Jan. 15, 2005- A new building boom called McMansions is turning older neighborhoods into future tax burdens for long time neighbors in older neighborhoods.

Jan. 12, 2005- The 135,000 sq.ft. Sam's Club in Bellevue wants to expand by another 2,500 sq. ft. The only thing that could stop it is the disapproval of Harpeth Valley Utility.

Jan. 12, 2005- A Civic Square is being proposed in East Nashville where Main Street becomes Gallatin Road. Updates can be viewed at www.nashville.gov/mpc/civicsquareindex.htm

Jan. 12, 2005- A 39,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market will be built at the corner of Old Hickory Blvd. and Gallatin Rd. in Madison Tn. Usually prices drop in the area between 15% and 20% for groceries. Bad for local grocers.

Dec. 10, 2005- Newton Oldacre McDonald wants to build him a 474,484 sq. ft. mixed-use development west of the West Metro Police Precinct on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville. The site of the historic Hickory Hill that was demolished last year. The mansion caught fire a couple of years ago and was never restored. It's unusual that all these old historic mansion burn shortly before a development goes in.