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November 15, 2007- Metro Stormwater Meeting took place on this day at 8am. Cumberland Yacht Harbor was denied permission to dump 600,000 cu. yards of dirt to other side of creek. They also was order to have an active biologist on site during all construction 24-7. If the marina is built which could be years if the Endangered Species Act is violated they also have to keep certified with the Clean Marina certification indefinitley.

November 7, 2007- Rough waters for Cumberland Yacht Harbor in Nashville Tennessee on Mill Creek. Read more>>> http://www.nashvillepost.com/news?id=27642

May 12, 2007- Tower Investments has stepped in to save the possibly failing Cumberland Yacht Harbor Development. This marina was suppose to be built years ago. Not many people wanted to put up $600,000 and never have a place to park their boat. Too many people know that this development will destroy the Nashville Crayfishes habitat and kill and destroy some crayfish. The Nashville Crayfish is Davidson County's only federally protected crustacean. Read more on this>> http://nashville.bizjournals.com/nashville/stories/2007/04/16/daily18.html?surround=lfn

May 12, 2007- Poke Sallet Festival Jackson Co. Tn at Gainsboro.

May 11, 2007- The current administration is continuing to weaken the Endangered Species Act and the US Fish & Wildlife Service is doing nothing. The USFWS would only have to do something if the specie is nearing extinction.

May 10, 2007- Read about the unraveling of the Endangered Species Act. The Unraveling Tapestry Endangered Species Handbook

May 9, 2007- There is a plan to overhaul the US Fish & Wildlife Service. THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB AT PROTECTING ENDANGERED S[PECIES. Check this out written in 2005>>>

This was written in 2003 by Common Dreams Progressive Newswire from Natural Resources Defense Council

Bush Administration to Launch Attack on Essential Component of Endangered Species Act
Claiming Poverty, Proposal Would Gut Critical Habitat Protections

WASHINGTON - May 28 - Conservation groups have learned that the Bush Administration is planning to undermine one of the most important protections offered by the federal Endangered Species Act: critical habitat designation.

This announcement represents the second wave in a two-pronged attack on critical habitat (those places needed for recovery for species). The first attack, contained in a rider on the House version of the Defense Department appropriations bill, would have arguably given the Secretary of the Interior sole discretion regarding where and when-and whether-to designate critical habitat for endangered species. Although the appropriations bill still contains a damaging ESA exemption for the Department of Defense, the more radical rider was defeated by the House on May 21.

This week, the Bush administration will launch its latest attack on critical habitat by arguing that studying and protecting the places that are essential to species survival is unnecessary. Specifically, the Department of Interior is planning to insert language into all future critical habitat designations that argues that these protections have no value in species protection.

"The administration plans to argue that the Endangered Species Act is broken," said Susan Holmes, Senior Legislative Representative for Earthjustice, the nation's largest non-profit law firm for the environment. "The fact is, the ESA has been working for 30 years -- until this Administration came along."

New Instructions: Violate the Letter of the Law, Plead Poverty

Critical habitat designation is one of the three essential legs on which the federal Endangered Species Act stands; the others are the listing of threatened and endangered species, and the development of recovery plans. Current rules require that habitat be designated for all species.

"Essentially, the administration is claiming that species don't need a home," said Holmes. "We know that the number one reason why wildlife becomes endangered is loss of habitat. If we don't protect the places where these species live, these plants and animals may be lost."

The Bush administration proposal will claim not only that critical habitat is not important, but also that federal agencies do not have the funds they need to conduct surveys and draw maps of each species' critical habitat, as required under the law. Yet scientific surveys have demonstrated that species with critical habitat are improving faster than those without.

"The Bush administration is attacking critical habitat because it works. Species with critical habitat are recovering twice as fast as those without it," said Kieran Suckling with the Center for Biological Diversity.

"Removing critical habitat from the Endangered Species Act is like removing the engine from a car. It won't work," add Suckling. "The Bush administration is trying to stop the Endangered Species Act from working."

This year, the Bush administration requested just $9 million dollars this year for species protection duties at the Fish and Wildlife Service, although the agency's own internal analysis admits these duties would require at least $153 million to address the backlog. The Bush Administration was invited by Congress to request more money for the wildlife agency for fiscal year 2003, but has not done so.

"What we are seeing now is a bold, aggressive attempt by the Bush administration to undo the very environmental laws that Americans overwhelmingly support," said Bill Snape of Defenders of Wildlife. "This should be a wakeup call to everyone who loves our natural heritage. We must speak up now, or risk losing the magnificent diversity of species that our grandchildren might want to see in their natural environment, not in a zoo or history book."

Conservation groups said they were prepared to return to the courts if necessary to defend the Endangered Species Act and the species the law protects.

"The Endangered Species Act couldn't be clearer: except in the rarest of circumstances, every listed species must have its habitat protected through critical habitat designation," said Andrew Wetzler, Senior Attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. "If the Bush Administration tries to get around this clear legal requirement the environmental community is more than ready to use the courts to stop them."

A background memo on this issue is available on the Center for Biological Diversity website.

The Bush plan would also scuttle currently planned critical habitat designations, including 10 in California alone. Below is a list of species that will be immediately affected by the DOI suspensions of Critical Habitat designation. For all these species, the DOI plans to ask the courts for extensions on deadlines for designating critical habitat into 2004 and beyond.

California Red-Legged Frog

Lane Mountain Milk-vetch

Arroyo Toad

Riverside Fairy Shrimp

Santa Ana Sucker

Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch

La Graciosa Thistle

Fish Slough Milk-vetch

Spreading Navarretia

San Jacinto Crownscale

Southeast region:
Topeka Shiner (Missouri)

11 mussel species from the Mobile River

Cumberland Elktoe (mussel) and four Tennessee bivalves

Other states and regions:
Pygmy Owl (Arizona)

Bull Trout -- Columbia and Klamath proposed rule, will halt finalization. Also proposed critical habitat on other population segments (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington)

Mexican Spotted Owl (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)

Eggert's Sunflower (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee)

Colorado Butterfly Plant (Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming)

May 6, 2007- Biologist with TWRA study and dig for crayfish. Tennessee has the most species of crayfish in the US. See article>>Wildlife biologists dig catching IDing burrowing crawfish- Nashville Tennessee Sunday 5/6/07 The Tennessean

April 21, 2007- Read about the Endangered Specie Act and what happened in Tennessee. USA Today article "Species on endangered list challenged"

February 10, 2007- McCrory Lane rock quarry's fate is still up in the air. A developer still wants to develop the site but want somebody to take over the quarry itself and be liable for it. Nobody has stepped up to take it on. Contact us savthecumberland@mindspring.com for ideas.

February 2007- Liberty Creek in Franklin Tennessee is found to contain Toulene and other chemicals. This is why we say the creeks and rivers aren't clean, there are things leaching in from everywhere that we don't know about. As long is there is a threat to the health of a watershed and no safe guards are in place then the potential of a disaster is present.

August 2006- More crayfish caught in area of proposed Cumberland Yacht Harbor. 6 females and males were caught proving this area is crayfish habitat. More to come. For more info please email savthecumberland@mindspring.com or call 615-429-5351

July 28-29, 2006- Forecastle Festival a success!!! Created by J.K. McKnight in Louisville Ky. It features Art, Activism and Music. Save The Cumberland attended and reports many interest in the Cumberland River and the environment in general. Held at the Mellwood Art Center on Mellwood Ave. The center caters to local artists and has a tenant, A Little Peace Cafe providing great food. The cafe owned by Rebecca Schulte prepares everything from hamburgers on the grill to baked fish, and potato salad. Call for more details 502-645-4847.

June 23, 2006- Another Cumberland River development threatens the beauty of the river. Located just downstream of the Briley Parkway bridge close to Opry Mills. Builder says Cumberland Yacht Harbor, Harpeth Shoals and him all kinda in cahoots with each other. This will only further turn the Cumberland River into a jammed megayacht disaster for the riparian of the river. Erosion will be worse, congestion, pollution among other things will threaten wildlife and the river's charm.

June 2006- Coldhearted River written by Kim Trevathan is released. The book tells the story of him and Randy Russell paddling down the Cumberland River, and their experiences.

May 11, 2006- Green Treefrog sighted in Middle Tennessee.

April 13, 2006- McCroy Lane rock quarry turned down for landfill. State Rep. Moore, Senator Haynes not supportive, stands by law and citizens.

March 1, 2006- Owners of a rock quarry on McCrory Ln. want to fill it with trash. Too bad for them that it just happens to be too close to the Harpeth River. The Harpeth is a class II river which means that according to the Scenic River Act a landfill can't be created if it is within 2 miles. A request by the owners to amend this act has been made. A meeting will be held on March 30 6:30 - 8:00 pm at Bellevue Middle School about this issue.

mccrorylanerockquarry3-06.JPG (40093 bytes)

Scenic Harpeth River, top right hand corner. Photo by VS


Feb 27, 2006- Rep. Harold Rogers, R-Ky. (5th CD), issued the following press release:Efforts to improve water quality in the Cumberland River got a boost today when the City of Harlan broke ground on a $1.4 million construction project to extend sewer service into the Sunshine community, which sits on the river's Martin Fork. Upon completion the project will connect about 300 homes, many of which currently use failing septic systems or send wastewater directly into the river, to the Harlan Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Harlan Mayor Daniel Howard hosted the groundbreaking ceremony in Sunshine. The featured speakers were U.S. Representative Hal Rogers (KY-05

November 26, 2005-  With the Nashville Crayfish being endangered on Mill Creek in Nashville Tn. The federal government specifically the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has given Cumberland Yacht Harbor $376,172.00 in grant money. That amazing when we rely on these agencies to protect wildlife. The Nashville Crayfish (Orconectes shoupi) is a federally endangered specie. Jim Varallo the project manager and one of many owners of this planned project is selling condos starting at $650,000. Read more on this story>>> Cumberland Yacht Harbor project gets federal funds. Saturday 11/26/05 The Tennessean

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service -- Press Releases

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Awards


millcreek4smallpicture.JPG (111685 bytes)

Can you believe this is going to disappear??? and this>>>

Mill Creek 6 Nov 2003 010 (shoupi)smallpic.jpg (52259 bytes)

This Nashville Crayfish was found where the Cumberland Yacht Harbor will be built. They (CYH) said they didn't find any. We found it on the worse day for finding crayfish.


December 2005- The US Fish & Wildlife Service has given the go-ahead for Yeager Mine Franklin Co. Tennessee despite an endangered snail.

November 2005- Bells Bend is again being looked at to be destroyed of it's beauty and natural surrounding. Jeff Zeitlin is proposing a 2000 home development here.  Nashville Scene - Rural Affairs

October 2005- Hickory Hill located on Charlotte Pike in West Nashville is gone. Bulldozers are hard at work killing all the ancient trees that are left from this old homeplace. A huge shopping center will replace this beautiful landmark.


October 19, 2005- Evergreen Place the second oldest home in Davidson Co. was torn down recently. Location in Inglewood, at the corner of Gallatin Rd. and Briley Parkway. A proposed Home Depot wants to locate here. Highly contested spot. Rezoning was turned down by the Planning Commission. Will be in front of Metro Council in January 2006. Now just a fond memory historic Evergreen Place had a colorful past- Wednesday 10/19/05



September 6, 2005- The protest at Tennessee State capital is over, with nothing resolved with health benefits but plenty resolved with the hearts and spirits of the participants. More protests to follow. The battle is far from over.

August 30, 2005- The citizens of Tennessee protesting Gov. Bredesen's cut to TennCare have been at the capital now for 72 days.

August 29, 2005- Hurricane Katrina hits the gulf coast. To help go to this link. Thanks. >>> http://www.redcross.org/ To learn more  Hurricane Katrina

July 2005- Rock quarry on McCroy Ln. to possibly be used as a dump.

March 24, 2005- Up for public hearing tonight in front of the Metro Planning Commission will be a plan to subdivide 262 acres, a request for approval is to develop 564 acres south of I-40 between Coley Davis Rd. and McCrory Ln. Nick Psillas owner of Prestige Homes is one of the developers. 

March 24,2005- A tractor trailer truck hauling toxic waste spilled some of it's contents in West Nashville in the vicinity of 33rd Ave. near Charlotte Pike. The driver didn't notify the state for more than a day.

March 21, 2005- Upper Cumberland Regional Airport wants to expand, to do this they want to fill in approximately 10 acres of wetland. Groups such as the TEC, Sierra Club, Tennessee Clean Water Network, and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility are suing to stop this destruction.

March 14, 2005- A fishing expedition most likely has occurred with an ad in the Tennessean about the marina that is being proposed on Mill Creek. The article appeared on the back page of the business section. How could anybody buy into a development like this when the land hasn't been bought yet, the project hasn't been sign off yet by the city, and a potential lawsuit looming on the horizon.

March 13, 2005- Jeff Zeitlin has pissed a bunch of residents off over in the Vaughn's Gap area. He is trying to build an 87 unit condo complex. The soil conditions over in that area are usually not good for such a development. Already in the area part of Hwy. 70 S is sliding away. The road had to be shut down recently and a planned multi-million dollar road project is being planned. The developer said the project will raise property values. That only means increased property taxes. Nobody cares if anything raises property values, they just want to live in peace. Also some of the development could block  some resident's view of Warner Parks.

March 2, 2005- Housing developments are threatening Radnor Lake. One development is being built by Chris Ferrin featuring 12 lots on a little more that 12 acres. The other development is planned by Mike Campbell that will take 45 acres.

January 4, 2005- Metro Nashville Council approved on 2nd reading to approve a Walmart southwest of the intersection of Old Hickory Blvd. and Nolensville road in opposition of the majority of the community. Read letter to editor The Tennnessean. They usually don't print my letters.

Our Community  January 5, 2005

Dear Editor, Concerning the proposed Walmart at the Nolensville Rd. Old Hickory Blvd. area south of Nashville. It is interesting to note that the people of Nashville are voicing their opposition to all this development going on in their community and nobody is listening. It is the job of the council to vote with their constituencies.. This is clearly not happening in Davidson County. The communities should come together as one to fight these issues and vote together on who sits on the council. This is our community and we should have a say on how it evolves. We are running out of open areas, the creeks are flooding, traffic has become a nightmare, schools are being built on every corner, higher taxes on land has forced family farms to be sold that only the wealthy can afford. Not to mention the land, air and water are becoming foul as a result. Williamson County has finally attempted to slow some of the development happening there. They have realized the very thing people love about Middle Tennessee is slowly disappearing. I will lead the charge in the years to come to take back the place where we work and raise our children. To make it what it should be, not what somebody else wants it to be.

Vic Scoggin Pres. Save The Cumberland Inc.

P.O. Box 247 Pegram, TN 37143-0247


January 4, 2005- Where are the terrorists concerning the tsunami victims in southwest Asia? It just proves that they are bent on killing people, not helping!

January 1, 2005- Please donate to STC. We are in the final stages of fundraising to fight a $200 million marina on Mill Creek in Nashville Tennessee. The Nashville Crayfish and it's habitat are being threatened. Send donations to any SunTrust Bank under "Save The Cumberland River Fund" or send to STC P.O. Box 247 Pegram, TN 37143-0247

December 26, 2004- Tsunami hits South Asia, thousands presumed dead. Please Help!!! Doctors Without Borders   American Red Cross

November 30, 2004- The US Army Corps of Engineers held a meeting last night at Antioch Community Center in Antioch, Davidson Co. Tennessee. The meeting was headed up by Sue Fergusen. The Corps will be doing a watershed study on Mill Creek starting Apr.-May 2005, and will be finished sometime in 2007. This study could probably had been a deal worked out between Cumberland Yacht Harbor and the Corps. The timing seems coincidental. Approximately 30 people showed up suggesting that people are concerned about the damage development is doing to their property when it comes to flooding and erosion. Ms. Fergusen talked about peoples property being bought out and parks being built along Mill Creek. Things to alleviate damage being done to property which amounted to $93 million in the '79 flood. People shouldn't have to sell out because of the cost put on their backs by the developers and city hall. Somebody needs to step up and stop the problem. Yes there are property rights but it shouldn't extend to the point of damaging other peoples property or causing people to have to pay for roads, sewer, water and other services for these places to be built. These city councils are supposed to vote the way of the people. They are not experts when it comes to knowing how a development affects people downstream. They always vote "YES" with the developer because they know they will be in court if they don't. Normally the citizens don't have the money to go to court. This is a well known fact. We either pay now or later. I would rather have a choice in the matter. At least I would have a say in the outcome, or at the very least know that I stood up for my rights as a citizen of the United States. Let's get organized as a community, AS ONE in Middle Tennessee. Maybe this could be a model for other communities having a similar proplem with runaway development. We chose to live here because of the beauty and the quality of life. What is beautiful about all the trees being cut down, the water polluted, foul air , land contaminated, wildlife disapperaing, traffic, high taxes, overcrowding schools, and crime? STOP; If not NOW, WHEN?


November 4, 2004 -  Bush wins.

October 14, 20O4- The Corps of Engineers approved the 404 permit for Cumberland Yacht Harbor against overwhelming opposition in Nashville Tennessee.

September 20, 2004-  This website has been restored!!!! For over a month now STC has had major problems publishing and updating. Even so far as the website totally disappearing. Disgusted with the complexity of doing anything on the web or computers anymore I contemplated shooting my computers. After talking to Earthlink for a total of over 20 hours, researching the problem through Microsoft and reading everything I could and not getting anywhere I decided it was way overdue to pray. I made one last call to Earthlink. a technician answered the call named Rick. After we went through a lot of nothing he just told me to try to publish again. Not changing anything on FrontPage or my computer, the site 100% published, in seconds. I told him that the only thing I did different this time was to pray. He laughed and said that he had also. Rick then said it was definitely "Devine Intervention" I agreed. I told him when he sends me the from to fill out that rates him as "being helpful" I will and also say that the "Third Party" solved the problem. We had it penned in from both ends. The "only way" Thanks God!!!! :)

August 27, 2004- Go to blog.    Enviroblog


August 17, 2004- HARLAN -- Despite a reduction in the number of straight pipes dumping raw sewage into eastern Kentucky streams, water quality is still bad in many locations.

The number of straight pipes has fallen from an estimated 34,000 to 28,500 since 1997, when the state began a major push to stop people from flushing their toilets directly into creeks, according to the Kentucky Division of Water.

Even so, the state is still warning residents along several streams not to swim in the water because of high levels of fecal coliform bacteria, the Harlan Daily Enterprise reported in its weekend edition.  The Kentucky Post (Covington, KY) | August 17, 2004  


ARLAN -- Despite a reduction in the number of straight pipes dumping raw sewage into eastern Kentucky streams, water quality is still bad in many locations.

The number of straight pipes has fallen from an estimated 34,000 to 28,500 since 1997, when the state began a major push to stop people from flushing their toilets directly into creeks, according to the Kentucky Division of Water.

Even so, the state is still warning residents along several streams not to swim in the water because of high levels of fecal coliform bacteria, the Harlan Daily Enterprise reported in its weekend edition.

July 24, 2004- Over 50 canoes and kayaks converged on the Cumberland River to deliver a water sample to Tennessee Governor Bredesen. The sample brought down from the Big South Fork was from some coal mining runoff. An administration assistant was there to recieve the unsettling sample. There were over 400 people there in the water and out. This was an enormous effort to prove we have a long way in putting our environment in the forefront. Thanks to SOCM and TSRA for there dedication!!! If we don't have our health how can we fight our other problems.

July 23, 2004- John Brittle and his neighborhood group over in south Davidson Co. has been fighting a Target store over destroying a tributary of Mill Creek. Well today not even a federal judges order could stop the little creek from disappearing. Part of the creek is gone and whatever creature lived there. What have we gotten down to. Hopefully there will be concequences for this. Again when is it going to STOP!!!!

July 10, 2004- SOCM will launch their protest down the Cumberland River against mining on the Big South Fork.  http://www.socm.org/action.html  scroll down for info.

February 6, 2004- The state of Tennessee Water Pollution Control has issued a permit to Cumberland Yacht Harbor. This proposed marina to be built in prime Nashville Crayfish habitat on Mill Creek in Nashville Tennessee has a long way to go if it's going to be built. The battle has begun!!!!

Janurary 9, 2004- STC spoke at Maryville College about 1996 swim and the environment.

December 2003- Zoning change on 19 acres off of Old Charlotte Pike and Gower Rd. was shot down by the Planning Commission.

December 2004- A stroy came out on WTVF Ch. 5 in Nashville about the Cumberland Yacht Harbor development. Something to the effect that all permits were in place to start the marina in March or April. No final permit has been issued by the Corp. of Engineers.

November 13, 2003- At the Planning Commission meeting. J.B. Loring said; "I hate to go against my neighbors." Concerning a Frank Batson development. I think they call this development "Fernbrook" over on Knobview Dr.

November 12, 2003- Please send litigation donation to: Save The Cumberland River Fund Suntrust Bank Bellevue Tn or any Suntrust Bank. This is a tax detuctible donation. 

November 11, 2003- Save The Cumberland heads back to Mill Creek.  Crayfish story and video was on Ch 5 Nashville Tn.

November 6, 2003- The State of Tennessee, TWRA, US Fish and Wildlife, Corps of Engimneers and Save The Cumberland met out on Mill Creek to search for shoupi (Nashville Crayfish. Crayfish found, let go with much ado Tuesday 11/11/03 The Tennessean 

November 1, 2003- Elizabeth Queener recieves the third NODBS award. go to NODBS for more info

October 23, 2003- A public hearing was held concerning issuance of a 401 Water Quality permit to Cumberland Yacht Harbor. A video was shown to the Water Quality Board and for the first time in public a view of the Nashville Crayfish was shown. Public comments opposing this development concerning water quality should be sent to: Mike Lee "NRS 03-023, Tennessee Division of Water Quality Control, 6th Floor L&C Annex, 401 Church Street, Nashville Tn. 37243-1534. Just write what you think will harm the water and wildlife habitat concerning this development. THIS HAS TO BE IN THEIR OFFICE BY OCT. 31, 2003.

October 15, 2003- Metro's Board of Ethical Conduct convened today and found J.B. Loring did not act unethical in his conduct with the Mill Creek marina issue. Even though two board members suggested he was a little too comfortable with the developers. The vote was 3-1 with a brave and smart Megan Barry's motion to support a breach of ethical conduct. Hopefully this accused conduct will have an effect on next Tuesdays election where Ginger Hausser will go up against J.B. Loring for a spot on the Planning Commission.

October 5, 2003- Mill Creek voted most endangered creek in Tennessee.

September 22, 2003- The marina developer Cumberland Yacht Harbor requests a public hearing Oct. 23, 2003 at the Donelson Senior Citizens Center at 6:30pm for proposed issuance of a 401 permit; Water Quality Certification. This would be the next step in making this development a reality. The marina will be built on the endangered Mill Creek, home of the federally endangered Nashville Crayfish.

September 18, 2003- The law firm Masry and Vititoe came to Dickson Tennessee to discuss their action for the people affected by the Dickson Co. landfill and the drinking water contamination.

September 11, 2003- America; Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All.

August 27, 2003- LES has been run out of Tennessee! The plant will not be built on the Cumberland River.

August 20, 2003- Cumberland Yacht Harbor seeks permit from US Army Corps of Engineers to build marina on Mill Creek. TWRA, US Fish and Wildlife working on protocol to find Nashville Crayfish.

August 2, 2003- Please!!!!!!! We urge you not to vote for any incumbents in the upcoming Davidson County election for Metro Council members. They seem to all be pro development, and could give a hoot about the outdoors or anybody that enjoys them, including fisherman, cavers, birders, hikers, canoeist, divers, historians, bikers, and anybody else that enjoys the outdoors and realizes how important it is to our well being.

August 2, 2003- Save The Cumberland Inc. seeks funds, and or attorneys to fight the Cumberland Yacht Harbor Marina proposed for Mill Creek. This marina, resturant, and condo complex will destroy a 40+ acre virtual wildlife preserve. The Nashville Crayfish, soft shell turtles, great blue heron, night heron, 30 different species of fish, a red tail hawk family, 3 Native American sites, and numerous others plants and animals that are critical to a balanced ecosystem will be wiped out. Please get on board for this very important battle. We can't let politics and money destroy what comes natural.

July 2, 2003- Metro Council approves on second reading to rezone land on Mill Creek for proposed 200+ slip marina and condos. The Nashville Crayfish resides on this creek. A federally endangered crustacean it's habitat will be destroyed by the development.

June 3, 2003- Three critical habitats proposed by USFWS. Two new populations of Braun's rock-cress, one in Wilson Co. and one in Rutherford Co. Brauns's rock-cress is a perrennial herb of the mustard family and prefers limestone soils.

May 30, 2003- Former Vice President Al Gore said; " The accumulation of hazardous, radioactive waste may become a never-ending problem for local citizens, and I don't believe we can be assured that sources of drinking water, like the Cumberland River, will be adequately protected." this statement made concerning the LES (Louisiana Energy Services) fuel plant stated to be built in Trousdale County in Hartsville Tn. The site of the old Hartsville Nuclear Plant.

May 22, 2003- The planning commission meeting was held to propose a rezoning for the Cumberland Yacht Habor. There were concerns by the commission about the proposed marina being built on Mill Creek. Many local residents spoke against the marina and said they never have been contacted about the development by the councilman or developer. What STC was told is "That everybody has been contacted and everybody was for it." 


May 7, 2003- There will be a meeting concerning the Cumberland Yacht Club on May 22, 2003 at Howard School Auditorium. The meeting will start at 4pm. This marina is proposed to be built on Mill Creek in Nashville Tn. It is highly opposed by the neighborhood and anybody concerned about the health of the Cumberland River. Please attend!!! For more info e-mail savthecumberland@mindspring.com    check out the map for approx  location>>>

May 2, 2003- Famed Native-American Archaeologist Joe Watkins will be visiting the Middle Tennessee area. The Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy will be hosting all types of activities surrounding this author and activist for Native American history. For more info contact Mark Tolley 615-573-4611.

March 12, 2003- The Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation has tentatively decided to issue a solid waste disposal facility major permit modification to MS-COT Services LLC for construction, operation, closure, and post closure care of a vertical expansion to the existing Central Pike Class IV Landfill. This Landfill is at the intersection of Lebanon Rd. and Central Pike in Hermitage. The worse boundary of this unsightly landfill just happens to be the Stones River. This site also has desecrated an ancient burial site. If you can't see this landfill just go across the river to the Kohls Dept. Store parking lot. Here you can see the damage. Copies of this permit can be seen at the Donelson Branch Library. The public is also invited to submit comments in writing to Mr. Mike Apple Director Div. of Solid Waste Management 5th Floor L&C Tower 401 Church St. Nashville Tn. 37243-1535 ph. 615-532-0780. Comments must be received by April 23, 2003 at 4:30pm. The owner of the landfill is Mr. Odell Binkley, does that name sound familiar? His phone number is 615-889-8542.

April 10, 2003- Watch your trees! Nashville Electric Service's contractors are cutting down everything in sight.

March 1, 2003- Almost 230 acres of land in Lewis and Decatur counties in Tennessee have been designated as protected natural areas. The rare plants found in these areas that led to the protection are Tennessee Yellow Eyed Grass and Large Leaved  Grass of Parnassus.

February 20, 2003- Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy meets tonight at 7pm at Cohn High School on Charlotte Pike, Sylvan Park Area. For more info call Mark Tolly at 573-4611  Guest speaker Vic Scoggin, 696 mile swim video

January 28,2003- Tennessee leads in toxic emissions. The Cumberland River receives much of these emissions. Go to Pollution Sites for details.

December 7, 2002- It looks like the $1.1 billion uranium enrichment plant that is proposed to be built in Hartsville Tennessee along the Cumberland River is closer to becoming a reality. The "no guts" Four Lake Regional Development Authority composed of executives of  Trousdale, Wilson, Sumner, Macon, and Smith counties have given the go ahead for talks with LES the company that wants to build it here. Almost 100% of the citizens have opposed the plant being built here. Just remember the county executives come vote time.

November 14, 2002- A meeting to propose and rezone an area called Arbor Crest on Percy Priest Lake and Long Hunter State Park is scheduled for Nov. 14. The county wants to build a sand filter system for sewage treatment. Save The Cumberland is opposed to this system because the community is opposed. The system has problems: odor, failures, alum and chlorine discharges into reservoirs, sludge removal, cost to those using the system, more development. Call Pete Finney 885-1103 (pcfinney@earthlink.net) for more info or voice your concerns to Phil Ponder Councilman at Large for the District 12  www.nashville.org/council/council12.htm or call 883-5149

November 11, 2002- WETLANDS FOR SALE FOR DESTRUCTION! It's gotten down to destroying wetlands in one area to pay for saving some in another, if you pay. A company called Ensafe a Memphis based company somehow has figured out out to charged people that want to build on wetlands up to $18,000 an acre to buy "credits" for use in buying up land in another area. That's BULL. It's not even known if Ensafe is a profit or non-profit organization. I would bet that it is profit. The crazy thing about this "plan" is that the state of Tennessee conservation organizations seem to be all for it.


October 27, 2002-  Whites Creek Greenways celebration will be held at the Nashville University field at the corner of Briley Parkway and County Hospital road.

August 25, 2002- Protest the uranium enrichment plant that is proposed on the Cumberland River at Hartsville Tn. Two Hundred and seventy-nine miles of river will be affected by the process.

August 1, 2002- When you go in to vote today you will be asked to fill out a voter preference card. You will write your name, address and voter preference. When you go into the voter booth you will only be able to vote what you checked for the party preference. Either Republican or Democrat, not a little of both. State law dictates this. We at STC think this is wrong. Write your Congressmen and Senators.

August 1, 2002- Sierra Club votes Route 840 worst road project concerning our health and welfare. For more info go to www.sierraclub.com

July 17, 2002- Walker Walks. Go to USofA page for letter to editor.

July 4, 2002- Happy Birthday America

June 28, 2002- Watch out for the Northern Snakehead. If you catch one inform wildlife officials and DON"T RELEASE IT BACK INTO THE WILD. KILL IT!!!!!

For more info go here> snakehead


June 4, 2002- The Tennessee Ancient Site Conservancy met last night at Cohn H.S. The TASC organizations mission statement is to preserve and protect Tennessee's unique archaeological heritage. For more information call Mark Tolley at 615-298-4347 for other info on Native Americans along the Cumberland River.

May 3, 2002- Seafood Choices: 'SEAFOOD WATCH' PROGRAM  make sure the seafood you are buying has the "label" attached. Know where you food is coming from and how it is caught.

May 3, 2002- Tennessee's air is some of the worst in the nation. Nashville ranked 18th by the American Lung Association.

May 2, 2002- Nashville Thermal Plant is planning to build gas fired boilers to replace garbage burners.

May 1, 2002- Squirrels are breeding. Many found dead on roadways.

April 22, 2002- Earth Day; Pres. Bush at Adirondack Mountains, Al Gore at Vanderbilt University.

April 20, 2002- Earth Day celebrations were held at Centennial Park. Notables STC saw at the park were Julee Jones (Save The Cumberland), Sizwe Herring (Earth Matters), Michelle Carratu (Whites Creek Greenways), John Noel (electric cars), Pam Castle (Cumberland Compact), and Bruce Wood (BURNT) among others. In the Tennessean newspaper Howard Switzer was pictured putting stucco on a building made of hay bales. There was plenty of earth moving music and food. Other booths included at the festival were Nashville Grotto, TVA, and Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary.

April 11, 2002- Toads are breeding, rain is falling, many found dead on roadways.

April 9, 2002- David M. Kelly from Gainsboro Tennessee, Jackson Co. is running for Governor of Tennessee. STC met up with him in Franklin Tn.

April 1, 2002- Trash filmed below Cheatham Dam.

March 5, 2002- Save The Cumberland's Most endangered Tennessee rivers and creeks.

March 2002- American Rivers announces it's most endangered rivers.

March 2002- Ingram barges overturned on Cumberland River on the upstream side of Cheatham Dam at spillway.

February 26, 2002- LONGWOOD, Fla., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Bear Insurance Agency (Black Bear) announced today that it will be sponsoring the prizes to be awarded in the Defenders of Wildlife Essay Contest, ``The Florida Black Bear - An 'Umbrella' Species.'' For more info go to www.kidsplanet.com

February 10, 2002- Meeting at Harpeth River Watershed Association 2-4pm call 615-591-9095  for more info

February 9, 2002- Road Ruin is still prevalent in Middle Tennessee. The Moores Lane extension has been completed in Williamson Co. Also in Franklin holes have been dug to start the neighborhood that's going to break the neighborhood, Westhaven. Hillsboro Road in southeastern Davidson Co. into northeast Williamson Co. keeps getting wider destroying historic rock walls. Atlanta here we come!

February 2002- The prototype visual assessment for the Harpeth River is completed.

January 2002- The dreaded I-840 southern loop completed from I-40 Lebanon Tn. to I-65 Franklin a total of approx. 50 miles. The controversial section that TDOT claims to be holding up the rest of the interstate to I-40 in Dickson through Leipers Fork seems to have the go ahead. We'll see.

December 2001- Rumbling Falls Cave story by US Water News Online: Environmental groups fighting sewer discharge into cave system

December 2001- A direct sewer line found dumping directly into Sinking Creek, in Lebanon Tn.

November 24, 2001- Colonial Pipeline possibly running a new petroleum transfer line through Lincoln Co. Tn.

October 31, 2001- Report litterbugs go to this site> www.nashville.gov

October 10, 2001- A seven point survival checklist: In Order! 1. Stop, stay positive 2. Attend first aid 3. Seek shelter 4. Build fire 5. Signal for help 6. Obtain water 7. Obtain food

October 8,2001- Personal home sewer overflow in Town Creek, Lebanon Tn. This has been going on for some time. State Signs have been up warning not to swim, wade or fish in creek. Fecal Coliform infected. Along this subject. It has been reported to me that there is a similar overflow at mile 185.6 on the Cumberland River.This is on the downstream right descending bank of the Bordeaux bridge.

October 7, 2001- The attack against the terrorists has started. The U.S. and allied countries are bombing Afghanistan, specifically the Taliban.

October 6, 2001- Harpeth River Watershed starts their visual assessment program on the Harpeth River. John McFadden, a biologist is the project manager.

September 27, 2001- A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Save The Cumberland is not in the environment business to make friends. We are in place to stop polluters, developers, and any other person or group that screws up what comes natural. We aren't a social club. We don't meet indoors like most, we meet outdoors. We don't serve cookies and drinks in Styrofoam plates and cups. We don't do politics, and we sure in hell don't accept donations from developers!

September 17, 2001- We will prevail! 

September 11, 2001- America was attacked today, but nowhere near being destroyed. Our hearts and souls as Americans and God loving people will prevail. Pray for all the people in New York and Washington and the rest of the country. God bless the United States military and keep them strong. Troy Scoggin, be safe brother.

August 28, 2001- Save The Cumberland publishes first newsletter to the web. STC has published twelve newsletters per year since 1996. Vol. 4 Issue 7 is the first to be printed to STC's website. Go to Newsletter or click here Riverview.

August 28, 2001- Don't put the new "mosquito eating fish" in your ponds. They will take over the native fish. The fish "gambusia" will eat other fish and their eggs.

August 27, 2001- Harpeth River Watershed took dissolved oxygen readings on the Harpeth river this past weekend with less than favorable results.

August 19, 2000- A book will be out next month called Paddling the Tennessee River: A Voyage on Easy Water. This is not just another river adventure. Kim Trevathan deals with clean water issues.

August 17, 2000- A road widening project is threatening a piece of property owned by Hoyt and Jane Eakes. Briley Parkway is the intended road to be widened. This is the same road that Opry Mills (Gaylord Entertainment) is located. If you remember about 5 years ago the Eakes' fought Galylord Entertainment for the damage to their river property they contended resulted from the river taxis. STC testified in that trial that in their (STC) opinion the river taxis did cause the erosion of the Eakes property. Since Briley Parkway will be widened a railroad track will have to be moved that will divide their property. The Eakes run a walking horse farm here called Hidden Acres. It seems before everybody gets through it will be called No Acres. All the Eakes wanted to do in their retirement is to raise walking horses and enjoy their family. If anybody could help contact Hidden Acres listed in the Nashville Tn. phone book.

July 25, 2001- The multi apartment complex planned for the Ravenwood Estates was voted down by the people in that district which is covered by Phil Ponder. I believe somebody thought the people would vote YES on the development. It goes to show, people are sick of overcrowding.

July 19, 2001- Check Kentucky (Upper Cumberland River) swimming advisory and Tennessee's (Cumberland River) swimming & fishing advisory TDEC fishing and swimming advisories are too difficult to retrieve, get it!!!!!

July 17, 2001- Dominion the company that was going to build a power plant near Brush Creek on the Cumberland was turned down by the county, actually by the citizens that protested. Coming to Maury County and Montgomery County, POWER PLANTS!

June 28, 2001- Nobody representing any "paid member environmental organization", especially in Franklin, showed up at one the most important meetings held concerning the Harpeth River and it's watershed. The one thing that will save the river is the TMDL limits. If you don't know what that is, either e-mail me or GO TO THE NEXT MEETING!

June 19, 2001-Mike Walton is voted president of Harpeth River Watershed Association. Dorene Bolze Executive Director on the payroll for $22,000 for six months.

June 19, 2001- The mayor and alderman's board of the city of Franklin Tn. voted 5-3 for the Westhaven development. Go to for more>>> Article in the Tennessean 1/4/05

June 18, 2001- Civil War site in Franklin Tn. to be destroyed put on hold.

June 15, 2001- Save The Cumberland Inc. applies for LPFM radio station in Jackson Co. Tenneessee.

June 4, 2001- John Hartford the famed riverboat pilot and musician dies at 63. Mr. Hartford had battled cancer for 20 years. Despite it he continued to live life. Our sympathy goes out to his family. The John Hartford Web Page

May 23, 2001- Walton and Scoggin finishes the Harpeth. Scoggin paddles 21 miles on May 20th. Six of the miles were down the West Harpeth where a 3000 home subdivision named Westview is proposed to be developed. Photos were taken to compare the destruction.

May 16, 2001- Mike Walton will boat down the Harpeth River to gather information for the Harpeth River Watershed Association.

May 09, 2001- It was reported on the news tonight that it will take 13 years for all the lead to clear out of the drinking water in Nashville Tn.

May 2001- Two natural gas power plants are being proposed on the Cumberland River. One at Cheatham Co. industrial park and the other in the Brush Creek area.

April 21, 2001- The Harpeth River cleanup involved less than 10 individuals. Nobody I saw at the Green Tie Affair was there. Nor did I see anybody from any group that cares to get their hands dirty. Everybody loves to be seen at these environmental meetings where they get to snob around everybody but when the trash bag meets the river you hardly see anybody. It was a pitiful turnout but not unexpected coming from a town such as Franklin.

March 17, 2001-Nashville Tn.  Green Tie Affair, Vanderbilt Stadium Club. 6:30-10:30

March 15,2001- There are approximately 200,00 wild turkeys in Tennessee.

March 13,2001- U.S. President Bush says he will not regulate emissions of carbon dioxide gas as promised in his campaign pledge. Coal burning power plants on the Cumberland river such as Cumberland City and Gallatin will probably cease construction of these emission controls.

February 20, 2001- Scottsville Ky. A special meeting was held and was voted 4-2 on first reading to amend the county's 1998 Poultry Ordinance. A second reading to become law will be held March 13 in Allen County Fiscal Court. This was not good news for CAFO protesters. If the second reading becomes law the number of chickens per house would go from 8,000 to 24,500 birds. With 4 chicken houses per farm that would be 98,000 birds.

February 14, 2001- Kentucky. County Judge Executive, Jimmy Greene writes; "Mr. Donnie Girdler, Congressman Hal Rogers' field representative for our area, visited with us last week and toured the construction site of the new boat ramp [at Sawyer] on behalf of the Congressman. Donnie told me that the Congressman was going to make available approximately $100,000 for cleanup on the Cumberland River, five miles above Noe's Dock down to London Boat Dock.
As he explained it to me we would be able to hire local people to do this
cleanup. As soon as the project is finalized I will certainly be getting in
touch with our people and hire them to do the job. We were asked to get
some kind of an estimate for this project and I am asking those of you who
might be interested to get your heads together and give me an estimate.
This project would provide some good paying jobs for our unemployed and
also clean up the trash on the river and lake."

January 25, 2001- Franklin Tn. Judge Heldman Rules Against TDOT In SR-840 Case Williamson County Chancery Court Judge Russ Heldman has issued a one hundred and ten page ORDER granting the SouthWest Williamson County Community Association, the Heritage Foundation and other petitioners in the SR-840 case full and permanent injunctive relief. The ORDER, which was issued at 1:00 PM today, effectively halts the construction of 840 through Southwest Williamson County. The ORDER specifically enjoins the Department of Transportation from building 840 in or through any of the waters, creeks and streams of Southwest Williamson County nor can they culvertize (build a culvert through or in) or cause any silting or polluting of these waters.

January 17, 2001- The historic L&N   train shed in Nashville Tn. is being demolished.

January 5, 2001- Nashville Tn. Demolition permit is issued to Henry Sender owner of the train shed.

December 13, 2000- The Nashville Thermal Plant could shut down if a major recycling program can be devised. Mayor Purcell could be behind the program.

December 12, 2000- Madison Tn. Peeler Park on the Cumberland River, at the end of Neely's Bend road is being threatened with a golf course.

December 11, 2000- The train shed that is attached to Nashville's Union Station which is the largest single span structure in the U.S. is possibly going to be torn down. Money and politics are involved.

November 29, 2000- New Orleans. 30 mile oil spill on Mississippi River. An 800-foot oil tanker (Westchester) ran aground 60 southeast of New Orleans. Approx. 600,000 gallons of crude oil leaked out of the hull.

November 21, 2000- Franklin Tn. Dorene Bolze has been named president of the Harpeth River Watershed Association.

November 16, 2000- Walter Alsup of Murfreesboro Tn. (Blackman community) has been living on his farm for 80 years. Rutherford county has put a stake in his yard and is expecting him to sell out and move. He said he has not been approached about anything. He said all his neighbors have been made offers to sell. He also said he remembers when there were only only four houses on his road for miles. The county has made plans to build a road just yards from his front porch.

November 16, 2000- 10 people arrested for criminal littering in Knox County Kentucky. See story by Lorie Love in The Barbourville Mountain Advocate.

November 14, 2000- City of Franklin Tn. is fined $93,000 for dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Harpeth River in July. Unfortunately the tax payers will pay the bill. Somebody should lose their job.

November 2000- The city of Nashville is proposing sending it's trash to Trousdale county by barge up the Cumberland River. The site is located in Beasley's Bend. To all opposed to this, e-mail for contacts. Each city ought to deal with their own trash. If they can't take care of it then it will force them to try other alternatives, like recycling, or even "no waste buying".

October 2000- Ibez Ky. Martin Coal Company has slurry pond collapse. 250 million gallons spill out into the environment.

October 2000- Cleft deformities found in higher number, Dickson County Tennesse. Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation to test wells around landfill. EPA involved.

October 2000- Kinston Springs Tn Complaints lodged against Tennessee Dept. of Transportation for allowing Turnbull Creek to fill with silt from runoff of I-840

October 15, 2000- Nashville Tn. The Metro Greenways along with Richland Creek Greenway Committee had a fund raising today at McCabe Golf Course. Their goal was to raise $250,000. Many councilmen where there also Nashville's mayor Bill Purcell.

September 2000- EPA Panel Rules Against TVA
An internal review panel of the Environmental Protection Agency has upheld portions of the compliance order EPA issued to TVA last November, alleging that TVA violated the Clean Air Act by maintaining and repairing coal-fired generating units.

TVA disagrees with the decision of EPA's review panel, the Environmental Appeals Board, and is considering whether to ask the courts to review the decision in order to have it placed before an independent forum.

The structure of the proceeding before the EAB limited TVA's ability to develop evidence to support its position. Unlike in typical court cases, TVA could not review the vast majority of relevant EPA documents or interview EPA employees or other potential witnesses who might have supported TVA's position. TVA asked for a fuller opportunity to develop its positions, but the EAB denied the request.

TVA does not agree that its maintenance activities ever violated the Clean Air Act. It has routinely maintained its power plants to ensure they are efficient while providing low-cost, reliable electricity to its customers.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, is continuing to consider the issue. That court ruled in August to stay the order, and TVA and other parties are scheduled to argue their positions before the court on November 8.

September 2000- Governor Don Sunquist of Tennessee has ordered a state highway construction project (Hwy. 75) to go around an ancient fossil site that was uncovered during the widening of the road.

August 2000-LaVergne Tn. The Hurricane Creek pumping station dumped 400,000 gallons of sewage into the creek which flows into Percy Priest Reservoir.

July 2000-The Mt. Juliet Sewage plant dumped 90,000 gallons of untreated sewage into Stoner Creek which flows into Percy Priest Reservoir.

July 26, 2000- Article in The Tennessean "Dry weather aggravates toll of sewage spill." Wed. 7-26-00 Harpeth River

July 22, 2000- The city of Franklin Tn. was responsible for dumping 90,000 gallons of untreated sewage into Spencer Creek, a tributary of the Harpeth River. Thousands of fish were killed. An advisory has been issued which is useless. For more go to The Tennessean 7-27-00 pg. 2b UPDATE The state of Tennessee said it was more like 3 million gallons of sewage spilled. The city of Franklin disputed that figure.

June 5, 2000- World Environment Day

June 3-10, 2000- National River Cleanup Week

May 23, 2000- Scottsboro Tn. A public hearing is set at Whites Creek High School about a sewer plant permit for Harpeth Valley Utilities. The plant is at least 50% built. You think Tennessee Environment and Conservation Water Pollution Control will deny them a permit. NO! Go to the meeting a protest the process. The community of Scottsboro opposed the plant.

May 8, 2000- News & Opinion: The River of Life (Nashville Scene . 05-08-00)

April 22, 2000- Earth Day 2000 came at went at the nations capital but the messages will live forever. One reason is because everybody seemed to say the same thing. Members of Save The Cumberland attended and really enjoyed the alternative power that was used for powering the event. Not much was said about urban sprawl, or road building, or solutions to these or a number of things. The "Capitol" was pointed at quite a few times, to signify that "they" should do something. Yes they should! But we shouldn't wait for them. If there is one (politician) that doesn't fight for the environment before business, he should be voted out of office, or never allowed in. There were at least 300,000 people attending, That number is the number of people STC needs to stop what needs to be stopped. We'll be there next year.  We'll have pictures in the following days.

April 05, 2000-Two Tennessee parks are on the endangered list. Stones River National Battlefield is threatened with a road that is proposed to run through it and The Great Smokey Mountains is threatened with dangerous levels of air pollutants, specifically emissions from coal fired powerplants and combustion engines.

April 05, 2000- Show-Me-Farms a sewage plant sludge recycler in Nashville has defied a court order to halt operations after the TDEC found fecal coliform and e-coli levels 1800 times the excepted levels in a nearby creek.

March 09, 2000- Ancient Pine trees on McMinns Bluff burned and cut. Mile 160.7 RDB found

Feb. 18-21, 2000-  Great American Bird Count;

January 26, 2000- Harpeth River: a mirror of growth- Wed. 1/26/00 story by the Tennessean; Williamson A.M.

May 29, 1996- Jamestown -- Almost four weeks ago, Vic Scoggin slipped into the Cumberland River in Harlan County and began swimming. He's been swimming 10 miles a day, six days a week. The Kentucky Post (Covington, KY)